Thursday, April 1, 2010

My favorites right now

I always have had difficulties finding a white polish that did not take too many layers to fully cover my nail without a sheer look to it. I grabbed this NYC white nail polish on my last trip to good ole' Walmart and it now has become a big time favorite! The NYC #208B 'Little Italy' shade could easily take one coat, but I do two for good measure. It dries super fast, and best of all is CHEAP! I think it was less than a dollar for the bottle. 

I've also fell in love with these Art deco nail art polishes! I found them at the local dollar store! They're really easy to use, and it's fun to paint little pictures or designs on my nails or my little girl's nails.Thus far, I have found black, white, silver, pink, purple, orange and yellow. It takes some getting used to, but for $1.00, it's a fun polish to try.

So most people have probably already tried this lotion, but I just did recently and love it! I have used many, many different types of self tanners. I hate being pale, and don't always have a tanning membership, so I make do with tanners as I can. Most sunless tanning lotions have an awful smell to them. While putting this lotion on, it smells great, but unfortunately it does have a little bit of the tanner smell to it when I wake up the next day. I guess it is to be expected. I am able to use this lotion once and it will last for several days! I love that, because I don't always remember to use the lotion or I don't always have the time for it as I would like. I think this is 7-8$ a bottle, and it is a smaller bottle than some of the other lotions out there, but I'd definitely recommend you try it if like me, you haven't yet.

Last but not least is this little teasing comb I picked up on my last trip to Sally Beauty Supply. (I love that store!) I had a hard time getting a clear picture of the comb, (I need a new camera!) but it has three rows of teeth and is so easy to use. It helps give you that little bit of volume from teasing when your hair is too blah. :)

It's by Tool Structure. It was less than $2.00 if I remember right.

That's all for now- I have some other favorites I plan to share soon!!

Peachy lipstick look

Here is look I did recently using another of the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks. 

This lipstick was Revlon's #613 'Just enough buff'. I love, love, love this shade. It's kind of a peachy nude shade. Like the other Revlon lipstick I posted about previously, this lipstick goes on very creamy with great coverage. It has a great color payoff and is not sheer like some nude or light shades tend to be.

I'd rate it the same as I did the #660-

My Overall Rating        10/10
Would I buy again        YES
Package Quality            9/10
Price                10/10   
You should definitely pick up some of these lipsticks from the Super Lustrous line. If I remember correctly, they run between 5-6$ a stick, so that's not too bad. :)   

Magenta lipstick look

Ahh! It has been way too long since my last post! I haven't been inspired makeup wise in a while, and haven't had as much time to do blogging or videos as I would have liked. Hopefully I can get back on track and posting some new looks! I have a few recent looks I wanted to share and another post or two hopefully to come after this, so hang in there with me!! :)

On to the look! I have a couple looks I have done recently that I wanted to share; here is the first one...

After seeing Rihanna wearing magenta lipstick and several of the bloggers I follow doing looks with the pretty shade, I picked up some myself! I normally don't venture far from the nude shades of lipstick, but this color was too beautiful to pass up!

Mine is not quite I used the Revlon #660 Berry Haute from their Super Lustrous Lipstick line. I absolutely love their super lustrous lispsticks. They are very creamy and leave my lips feeling so soft! I really have no complaints about the lipstick other than a small complaint about the packaging. Some of the Revlon lipsticks have a clear window in the very top of the lid so that you can easily see the shade before opening it. Really who cares, it only takes me two seconds to check the shade when I'm riffling through my makeup bag, but that'd be my only complaint. :)

My Overall Rating        10/10
Would I buy again        YES 
Package Quality            9/10
       Price                             10/10   

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Products Used:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation (250)
Physicians Formula Milti Colored Bronzer
Physicians Formula Blush/Highlighter
Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit (Ash Brown)
Maybelline Stylish Smokies Eyeshadow (02 Natural Smokies)
Fabuliner liquid liner (black)
Loreal Voluminous mascara (extreme black)
Bliss False lashes (#15)
Maybelline Color sensational lipstick (Plaza Pink)
Milani Buzz Worthy Lipgloss (02 Busy Bee)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FOTD using Micabella greens

Products used:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Neutrogena soft color blush
Fabuliner liquid liner
Wet n wild-Ultimate brow kit
L'oreal Voluminous mascara in carbon black
Micabella eye primer
Micabella green shadows (see picture- yellow/green one used wet as bottom liner)
Revlon matte eyeshadow in white (for highlight and blending)




FOTD My neutral (I have no time to do my makeup!) look

Things have been so busy lately! I am finally having a second to sit down and post some pictures that have been stacking up! :) This FOTD is my 'go-to' look for the days that I slept thru my alarm or just do not have the time to do anything special with my shadow. :)

Products used:
Wet n wild-Ultimate brow kit
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Neutrogena soft color blush
Revlon Colorstay liquid eyeliner in black
Maybelline Collosal mascara in black

If I have time:
Any highlight eyeshadow (I just use my ring finger to apply some on my brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye.)


This look is basic, but gets the job done :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Micabella Eyeshadows Review

I finally did a review of Micabella on Youtube. I love these eyeshadows. I was recommended Micabella by my sister in law several months ago, and have been hooked since. These eyeshadow colors are so concentrated and are really long lasting. I also use the Micabella eyeshadow primer, which helps my colors stay right where I want them.

Pictured to the left are my swatches of my stacks. To the far left is the Micabella eye primer. The top left row of colors are from my Vibrant Shimmer Stack- yellow, purple, pink, lime green, green, blue, electric blue and a dark eggplant purple color. The bottom row of colors are from my Wild Horses Shimmer Stack- pink, purple, sky blue, light blue, an olive green, light green, copper, and a burgandy color.

One of the things that I like about the Micabella shadows are that they can also be used as an eyeliner. These shadows are SO long lasting. If I want to make the color darker, or I want to use the shadow as a liner, I will dip my angle brush into water, and then mix the water with the shadow that is on the lid of the color I want. If I need more color, I can dip my brush into the container to get more and just mix the water+shadow into the lid until I have my desired amount. Then I just apply it as a shadow or liner and it'll stay all day until I wash it off. If I am in a rush or dont have my primer handy, applying the shadow this way will ensure that it'll last. :) (I use this method in my crease sometimes as well if I want a dramatic crease look. )

The one thing that I would consider a con about the micabella that I have is that the 8 stacks are not able to be seperated so that you can take just one or two colors in your makeup bag if you need. The stacks are small, but sometimes I don't have room for the stack in my bag.

Micabella does sell single eyeshadows in a 2.5gm container rather than the stacks if you want to eliminate that issue. I have used them and found which colors I like and use most often, so I might do that myself.

I purchased my 8stacks on ebay. The seller I purchased them from has a website, so I will give you that here: Aviva-Beauty But feel free to browse Ebay and see what you find out there. :)

Micabella can also be purchased directly from their website @ Micabella , or they can sometimes be found in your local mall! (Check out the Kiosks in your mall!)

All in all I most definately would recomend this eyeshadow for someone who is interested in trying a new shadow that is not as costly as some of the others on the market, but is comparable the higher end shadows out there. :)

Here I labeled the colors I used in the look pictured above :)