Monday, August 31, 2009

Micabella Eyeshadows Review

I finally did a review of Micabella on Youtube. I love these eyeshadows. I was recommended Micabella by my sister in law several months ago, and have been hooked since. These eyeshadow colors are so concentrated and are really long lasting. I also use the Micabella eyeshadow primer, which helps my colors stay right where I want them.

Pictured to the left are my swatches of my stacks. To the far left is the Micabella eye primer. The top left row of colors are from my Vibrant Shimmer Stack- yellow, purple, pink, lime green, green, blue, electric blue and a dark eggplant purple color. The bottom row of colors are from my Wild Horses Shimmer Stack- pink, purple, sky blue, light blue, an olive green, light green, copper, and a burgandy color.

One of the things that I like about the Micabella shadows are that they can also be used as an eyeliner. These shadows are SO long lasting. If I want to make the color darker, or I want to use the shadow as a liner, I will dip my angle brush into water, and then mix the water with the shadow that is on the lid of the color I want. If I need more color, I can dip my brush into the container to get more and just mix the water+shadow into the lid until I have my desired amount. Then I just apply it as a shadow or liner and it'll stay all day until I wash it off. If I am in a rush or dont have my primer handy, applying the shadow this way will ensure that it'll last. :) (I use this method in my crease sometimes as well if I want a dramatic crease look. )

The one thing that I would consider a con about the micabella that I have is that the 8 stacks are not able to be seperated so that you can take just one or two colors in your makeup bag if you need. The stacks are small, but sometimes I don't have room for the stack in my bag.

Micabella does sell single eyeshadows in a 2.5gm container rather than the stacks if you want to eliminate that issue. I have used them and found which colors I like and use most often, so I might do that myself.

I purchased my 8stacks on ebay. The seller I purchased them from has a website, so I will give you that here: Aviva-Beauty But feel free to browse Ebay and see what you find out there. :)

Micabella can also be purchased directly from their website @ Micabella , or they can sometimes be found in your local mall! (Check out the Kiosks in your mall!)

All in all I most definately would recomend this eyeshadow for someone who is interested in trying a new shadow that is not as costly as some of the others on the market, but is comparable the higher end shadows out there. :)

Here I labeled the colors I used in the look pictured above :)