Sunday, August 16, 2009

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Can I just say how much I stinkin' love this foundation?! I was recommended this foundation and have fallen in love with it!! First of all, you can get it at Walmart for under $11!! Second of all, it is SO long lasting. This stuff does not come off until I want it to. I live in FL with hot humid weather and have always had issues with foundation because of the heat.

As a mommy to two little ones, this is great, because I can run and play (and even get a little sweaty!) with them and the foundation stays put without rubbing off on them or any clothing.

My favorite thing about this foundation is how smoothly it goes on your skin! I found it to be super blendable and that it did not dry too fast or cake on my skin. I felt like it made my skin look SO much clearer and healthier :) I love it!